SQD is an Indian Buying Agency, offering the international trade the opportunity of growth, innovation and difference for their businesses in India - with the goal of maximizing the benefits for all associates, SQD delivers the most essential tools of managing the business for the trade on a remote control basis.
Market uncertainty and limited capacities for buying brings about an issue to manage Sourcing, Quality and Delivery from India, for most international customers.
SQD has been started with a passion to service global trade to offer
S - Sourcing-'Source the Best Product'
Q - Quality- 'Ensure the Best Quality'
D - Delivery-'Reliable Delivery'
To service the needs of the most demanding business environment with full understanding of the International Business (Wholesale and Retail)
In pursuit of excellence, SQD has always believed in key operational parameters that help business and growth at all levels.
  • System Management a key to success
  • Personal Accountability of the Partners
  • Business Development and not invention
  • Bridge Gaps between Customer and Factory
  • Create Beneficial Partnership
  • SQD works with factories and vendors who have ability to deliver the right product at the right cost and time.
  • Vendors who work for SQD also sell to the biggest names in the International Trade as Ikea, Debenhams, Next, Mark & Spencer's, Variety,
    La-Redoute, and such companies of repute.
  • Identifying and Understanding International Requirements like NPEO, APEO, RHOS, REACH etc
  • Setting up of Production Processes & Flow, Quality Systems
  • Production Methodology to achieve efficiency, eliminate waste
  • Logistic Optimization by working on packaging and filling rate
  • Process Quality - Product Quality
  • Reduction of Quality claims & returns
  • Set-Up Processes, Process Flow, Quality Lines, Customer /Product Centric Check at factories
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